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Pinterest is the new gray

25 May

Okay. Pinterest. Is. Amazing.  and if you haven’t discovered it already, do so now!

If you didn’t already know, Pinterest is my newest life-consuming obsession.  It keeps me up in bed way too late at night as I click and click and one thing leads to another…and pretty soon my husband groans and rolls over because he knows there is no reprieve from the bright screen light.  And, no joke, Pinterest wakes me up in the morning when I roll over, eyes half closed, and blindly feel for my Ipad to slowly wake up to the magnificence that is inspiration, gorgeousness, and beautiful eye candy.  It is literally a picture universe…a treat for the soul.

Did I mention I ♥ pinterest!?  Do they make a shirt for that?

Here’s what it is:

A website where you can keep folders called “Boards” of images you find or take in one place (and organized however you want!).  It is an amazing place for creatives, bloggers, and anyone really, to find inspiration.  I use it for my work all the time!!!  Best part is browsing other Pinterest users’ folders and getting lost in the world of ideas and inspiration.  Follow as many people as you want because the more people or boards you follow, the more beautiful things you will see from them on your homepage when you sign in.  Truly, if you’ve wondered where you can find all kinds of things you will love and obsess over, Pinterest is for you.  Not to mention, this is a great way to look busy when you’re really not.  Oh shush, I know you do it too.

So what do you say?  Sign up.  It’s free.  Once you sign up, you’ll learn about the “pin it” button which is incredible.  You can hit the button when you’re on any website and it pulls up all the images on that page where you can then select the one you want to “pin” back to your board on Pinterest.  Share, collect, browse from there!

You can view my boards here to get started

Here are some (and this is truly just SOME, because I have TONS) of my favorites to show you the amazing variety of boards you can find on the site from fashion to food to wedding decorations to interior design and all things in between!  So Fab!

You can click on the pics to take you to the curator’s board.






Welcome to the club and to the world of late nights and non-stop clicking.  You’ve been warned!