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Dockatot VS Snuggle Me Organic

22 Aug

Which one is best??

play mat: Yay Mats

baby bed: Dockatot

baby turban hat: Little Scouts Co

high waist bummies: Big Noggin Baby

When my son was a baby there were very limited options for baby beds…and since then two have sprung onto the top of every mom-to-be’s baby registry. The Snuggle Me Organic and the Dock-a-tot. Both are trending right now (but mostly the Dock-a-tot as you’ll see it EVERYWHERE from celebrity endorsements to literally every Mama’s feed on Instagram 🤷). Is Dock-a-tot all it’s chalked up to be or do they just have way better marketing? What’s the deal with these baby beds, which is best, and what one should you buy? I was fortunate enough to try both of them to give you a good side by side comparison. There are pros and cons to both. Read on to hear more!

Here’s a picture of the two side-by-side.

The Snuggle Me Organic

baby romper: Rags To Raches

Headband: Aubrey Gianna

The Snuggle Me Organic is much much smaller than the small size Dock-a-tot (the deluxe). When my 3 month old baby girl is in her Snuggle Me her head and tush are right up against the outer pillow. She fills the entire inside “sling” part. But…she’s long, so I can’t speak for everyone’s babes at this age.

It is tight, it is small, but it does hug her close and cradle her. I assume she feels more secure in this because it’s as if she’s being held. The fabric definitely does pull in from the sides when you lay your baby in and the snug fit really does seem to hug her as the Snuggle Me marketing suggests. She. Loves. It! She sleeps for hours in hers for her naps etc and no I haven’t done any type of sleep training or even teaching her to self soothe yet. She falls asleep on the boob half the time before I lay her down in it. 🤣🤣🤣

The downsides to the Snuggle Me are

1) It IS really small. By the time she’s 4 months old she will not be able to fit safely in it anymore. For awhile now she’s been sleeping with her legs extended over the bottom and sides and that works okay still, but soon she will either be propped up on head end or tush end onto the big side buffer pillows. Newp. Not going to fly. The whole purpose is for them to be nestled within so they can’t roll. So size-wise… It’s a very small window of time to use it and that’s kind of a big chunk of change for 3 months of use. 😭

Information about the picture below:

She’s 3 months old here.  Her head and tush are right up to the outside buffers with her legs hanging over the bottom when they’re stretched out.  She does seem super comfortable still…but I don’t think she’ll fit in it much longer.

2) The bottom is not padded. The part where you place your baby is just a few layers of fabric thick. The sides pull in when you lay baby inside but your baby will not be suspended in a little hammock environment as I pictured. Instead your baby will go all the way down onto whatever surface you have the Snuggle Me on. So hard floors, even the carpeted floors, were out for us. This means I always had to find padding, or create it, to lay the Snuggle Me on. I couldn’t just take this and use it outside on my mom’s porch when we visited or in the grass at the park or sand at the beach. Kinda a big drawback.

The Dock-a-tot

I love the Dock-a-tot!! It’s gorgeous, functional, and easy to carry around and use anywhere. The idea that my baby is used to this bed makes it so she can literally sleep ANYWHERE cuz she’s in her same little environment and it’s one we can take and use on any surface, even the wood floors! We took it to the park the other day and it was a lifesaver! Here she is hanging in her Dock at the park.

And here she is taking a nap in a poolside cabana in her Dock-a-tot amidst loudness and chaos!  She was soooo comfortable sleeping in it even though we were in a new environment!  Also, I sat right next to her to ensure nothing could happen like her falling off the bench.  Please always remain close to your baby when they are in their Dock-a-tot.

My babe feels secure in it and sleeps great in it and she has room to grow in it too. The Dock-a-tot is literally the perfect lounger/co sleeper and you can’t go wrong with it. My girl feels super secure in hers and the best part is it lasts longer since it is bigger than the Snuggle Me.

The downside to the Dock-a-tot is

1) it’s not as small/tight fitting as the Snuggle Me so in the early days and weeks of newbornhood it might be little more spacious and not as comforting.  The tightness of the Snuggle Me seems to be a big plus for those early days.

So…which to buy:

Unicorn Blanket: Clementine Kids

So what does this all add up to!? 🤷

Well, I feel The Snuggle Me is the ultimate sleeper for newborns and tiny ones (like for the first month) but you’ll need to upgrade to the Dock-a-tot fairly fast once your babe has grown too big. So, if you can only buy ONE then I would say buy the Dock-a-tot. A newborn is so happy in the Dock-a-tot as well (sure beats a crib or any other sleeping experience!) and you’ll be able to use it much much longer! After that newborn stage the Dock-a-tot is perfect size-wise anyway. Plus, it’s more versatile in terms of travel and that’s important!!! Your sanity will be saved in those early months when you’re visiting family or going out and you can put your baby down for a nap wherever! And trust me, that’s necessary since they need a nap like every hour! 🤦




I received product compliments of Dockatot