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Sip by Swell Insulated Bottle

14 Aug

Baby outfit and hat

Us breastfeeding moms drink a. ton. of. water! Amirite!? I feel like I’m dying of thirst randomly throughout the day these days and I neverrrrr have been one to do a good job about drinking my recommended 8 glasses of water a day. When I partnered with Sip by Swell for one of their water bottles that definitely changed. Their bottles keep the water soooo cold for sooo long. When I got back into my car after it sat in the hot sun for a couple hours I thought I’d check my water and see just how cold my Sip bottle really could keep it. Lo and behold there was still all the ice, not melted at all. I like my water icy ice cold. And since my bottle is really cute looking too I take it with me everywhere! Annnnd drumroll – suddenly I’m a drinking fiend…of water…just water. Still avoiding my adult beverages for the most part. Look how cute my little white Sip water bottle is in these pics below. And that baby doesn’t hurt either.

Water Bottle – Sip by Swell

Baby zip up – Babybreez (soooo soooo soft I will continue to buy these each time she grows out)

Baby Turban hat – Big Noggin Baby

My Jeans – Warp & Weft