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Weekend love

15 Apr

Happy Friday to my loyal readers!

Thought I’d leave you some love for the weekend.  See you Monday!

I want one…

Community Live

I would do this if I had an outdoor wedding

Oh Hello Friend

How cool is this record wedding invite?

Loving this downloadable compliment bunting.

Okay…cutest cake ever

Herriott Grace

Wow, this is gorgeous and paintstakingly detailed.

Love all of these escort card ideas!

A gorgeous hand-cut paper creation

Ribbons, streamers, & fabric strips are gorge

12 Apr

I am so inspired by the absolutely creative and beautiful use of ribbons, streamers, and strips of fabric for wedding & event decor.  Yes, even streamers!  If done right, they can be whimsical and elegant, without even a hint of tacky.

Think of using ribbons etc to make bunting, a canopy, a ceremony or photo-booth backdrop, a chuppah.  Or hang above the head table for the reception, on the bride’s & groom’s chairs, or from trees.  This is a super simple, cheap, do-it-yourself way to bring your wedding colors to life!

Whatcha think?

The TomKat Studio

The Loveliest Day

Project Wedding

Amy Atlas

Simple Wedding Guide

Merriment Events

Elizabeth Messina

Once Wed

Elizabeth Anne

Intimate Weddings

Project Wedding

Sweet Designs

Make Merry Events

Elizabeth Anne Designs





Creative, miniature bunting cake toppers you can do yourself

14 Mar

More of the fabulously fun & stylish bunting trend.  Are you sick of it yet?  Hope not, because there’s still more to come on this blog at a future date.

I love the idea of bunting on a cake!  Such a festive, celebratory embellishment.

M Sweet Desserts

Vintage Magpie

A Subtle Revelry

Kiki La Ru

Kiki La Ru


What do you think of this new trend?

Paintable Wedding Bunting

7 Mar

Here are some amazing bunting inspirations I just had to bring to the table.

These are all made from burlap, which I’m bringing to you because you can paint on it, thus make it completely custom!

If you will have a long engagement and have some time on your hands, or if you have a little creativity, or if you are just an aspiring do-it-yourself-er…this is the perfect decoration to start with!

Here are some of my ideas for what to paint

paint with your wedding colors– this is just a great opportunity to bring your colors through in more of your wedding decor.

-your print or motif– from stars, to stripes, to the fancy swirl on your invitations, carry your “theme” by painting it on your bunting

-your names or initials- can I just say…cute!

-fun sentences & sayings- think “we’re getting hitched” or “how sweet it is to be loved by you”

-signs, directions, informational- this would be a great place to write out “Ceremony here”,  “Thanks for coming!”, “Welcome”, or even “Pls sign our guest book”

Instead of burlap (which tends to lend a fairly rustic or farm feel) you can also use plain cream canvas fabric instead (perfect for that garden party or nautical theme, or pretty much any theme since it is a bit more understated than burlap.

Either way, with a little paint you will have one-of-a-kind, custom, and “just-you” bunting!


Burlap banners::  funkyshique & SheriSewSweet.  Photography:: Elizabeth Ray Photography

If you’re not an artistic, free-hand-it type of person there are still options for you!  Try looking into some stencils.  You can find them at your local Michaels or Joanne’s Etc. stores, but even better are the online stencil resources.

At Cutting Edge Stencils there are gorgeous prints & patterns that I am madly in love with!

Stencil photos above from Cutting Edge Stencils

Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs also have incredibly beautiful options and very large libraries.  Royal Design Studio has some great stenciling tutorials and Modello has a custom stencil option, where you can send in any graphic (as long as it is yours and not copyrighted) and they will turn it in to a plastic cut-out for stenciling.  This means you can do exactly what you want for your bunting & stenciling needs!

If you don’t have a graphic, we at Lifework Media can create one for you.  Or if we’re doing your invitations or other paper goods already, we are more than happy to send any of the custom graphics from your invitation suite to Modello.  Otherwise, don’t be afraid to ask your stationer to send your graphic, print, or motif to them for a completely custom stencil that carries your theme throughout.  And if you’re not in the mood to make these yourself, contact us…we’ll make bunting for you!

Good luck!

The Bunting Trend

7 Mar

It is one of the hottest trends in the wedding and event industry…and it really is fabulous.  Today’s bunting is a nod to the circus days, the red or striped triangle banners strung together and attached above the tent openings, but with an updated twist.  Bunting is a wonderful decoration to add to your wedding or event!

Here is a collection of some real wedding bunting.  The examples below use a variety of patterned & solid fabrics to create a shabby chic, country, and somewhat vintage look….but bunting can add ANY feel and look you want depending on the colors, patterns, prints, and materials they are made from.

Found at:: 1 Ruffled 2 & 3 Beautiful Little Weddings 4) Peonies & Polaroids

If you want to change up the look to fit your wedding colors or theme better, try finding different fabrics.

One of my favorite fabric sites, Calico Corners, has a great variety of prints from hip & modern to rich & ethnic.  My favorite collection is the Dwell Studio Collection– what fabulous colors to model your wedding after!  This will have to become a color palette for another post.  Another favorite for fabric is, surprisingly, Ikea.  I love their Elisabet prints for a super colorful & preppy wedding or their Gunvor for a very bold, graphic, black & white wedding.

Find the perfect fabric, cut into triangles (or circles, or squares! etc), & attach (sew, staple, glue) to string, ribbon, twill, or double-fold bias tape for easy bunting fabulousness!  It’s easy to do yourself and it’s easy on the wallet too.  Try searching “DIY bunting” for help & tutorials.  And, if you’re not into making it yourself there are a ton of people offering to make it for you!  Check out Etsy for pre-made bunting, many of which can still be customized for you, or contact us– we make it too!

Feel free to send pictures of your wedding bunting, or if you are a photographer or designer who has pictures from a recent wedding you shot or styled with bunting.  I’d love to see it, and maybe even post it on the blog to inspire all!